An Introduction

Art101 explores 20th-century art movements through generative art and NFTs. Because art is something you can't tweet about and 'grok.'

We're investigating timeless works through variation. A commentary on that age-old question, 'what is art?' It's a 'fine art' twist on the PFP NFT trend.

No work is the same. Uploaded as infinitely scalable vectors, with a 600x600 PNG included, each NFT is unique. And based on a particular art movement, work, or artist.

Starting with 2048 NFTs, Art101 will follow up with a 4096. Of the 4096, 2048 will be companion drops for original drop holders.

This structure continues in our third release. At which point, we will reset and develop another round with different artists and aesthetics. The start of round two will be released exclusively to holders of the original sets.


Round One


August 2021

Warhol would have loved NFTs. The father of generative art, Andy was the first to investigate the differences in repetitions. Using silk screens, Warhol unleashed the power of the repeat. is a collection of 2048 vector parodies of Warhol's work 'the soup cans.'

Holders of Non-Fungible Soup will receive a MondrianNFT companion drop for each of the 2048 NFT soup cans owned. holders will receive an airdrop and exclusive access pre-release.

September 2021

What started as trees devolved into primary colors and routine structures. Mondrian's work has appeared on everything from handbags to pillows. Endless variations Piet's infamous works

We'll follow that formula to create 4096 unique Mondrian-themed NFTs. Of the available 4096 NFTs, half will be companion drops.

Holders of MondrianNFTs will receive a Bauhaus Blocks companion drop.



October 2021

Bauhaus artists created the first 'collections as art,' with works meant to go together en masse. 100's of pieces at a time, not one. To this end, work became more and more abstracted. Today Bauhaus is a clear and identifiable abstract style. is a modern take on the Bauhaus movement. It will release 8192 unique Bauhaus-themed NFTs.

Holders of all three drops, Non-Fungible Soup, MondrianNFT, and Bauhaus Blocks, will receive reserved access to round two's first drop.


Our Team


Cartyisme has been posting his original art online for over a decade. He's been art-ing in the crypto-space for five years now. A lover of Seinfeld, art history, and sci-fi, cartyisme is never short of ideas.


Lza_menace is constantly developing crypto-related projects. He's been pushing commits to a litany of crypto-projects over the past few years, just check his website. A Monero contributor and Wownero developer, lza_menace is now a solidity pro.


Jwinterm moderates r/cryptocurrency. A staple of the crypto-community for more than five years, if you've been on crypto-reddit or irc you've probably met him. A Monero lover, and moonboi, jwinterm spends his time meme-ing the day away.