est. june 2021

The original free-to-mint NFT project, Art101 began exploring art history using NFTs in Aug. 2021 w/ Non-Fungible Soup, hoping to educate a burgeoning scene of crypto-art collectors. Art101 completed both its v1 and v2 roadmaps 18 months later, amid the 2022 bear market. It continues today with 36,000 NFTs minted over twelve collections, 2.5M+ USD in volume, and 200ETH in TX fees.

The Drops:

Non-Fungible Soup


Art101's first free-to-mint NFT, Non-Fungible Soup, is a commentary on the criticism facing NFT art. Drawing a parallel between generative content and the work of Andy Warhol, Non-Fungible Soup spawned more than 1M USD in volume in 24 hours.



The follow-up to Non-Fungible Soup, MondrianNFT spans Piet Mondrian's distinct phases, with rarity that reflects his real-world body of work. A technical and creative accomplishment, MondrianNFT incorporated generative art with metadata constructed by artificial intelligence to create a distinct NFT homage.

Soup x Mondrian


In celebration of Art101's initial success, Soup X Mondrian was an impromptu companion drop for MondrianNFT and Non-Fungible Soup holders. A mash-up of two of the 20th century's most iconic artists, and Art101's sole ERC-1155 collection.

Bauhaus Blocks


The final drop in Art101's v1 roadmap, Bauhaus Blocks, burned 115ETH in tx fees. Our largest mint, it's a unique take on generative art. And a tribute to the aesthetic principles of the Bauhaus movement.



An innovation in the space, NFTZine is a generative, interactive, and printable NFT publication. Meant as an inspiration for would be artists, this standalone free-to-mint collection was the first of its kind.

Based Vitalik


A fauvist take on PFPs, Based Vitalik honors the unabashed creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin. Our first foray into paid mints, Art101 reneged, refunded the 80K USD in ETH collected, and took the collection free-to-mint.

R. Mutt


Art101's most experimental drop, R. Mutt, is in keeping with Marcel Duchamp's laissez-faire attitude. Co-opting his work, Fountain, as a 3D interactive NFT that merges augmented reality with generative art, Art101 kicked-off roadmap v2 while taking the piss out of a declining NFT market.



A love letter to Art101's favorite artist, NTF-isse takes generative art to another level. Inspired by Matisse's cut-outs, NFT-isse incorporates generative traits with generative palettes and compositions while commemorating the end of NFT bull market.



In celebration of the patronage that made Art101 possible, RenascenceNFT is a contemporary take on Benozzo Gozzoli's Journey of the Magi. The final free-to-mint NFT by Art101, and the completion of roadmap v2.

Tulip Mania!


Another attempt at paid mints and our first venture into on-chain NFTs, Tulip Mania! is our first step in a new direction. Initially worried about keeping the free motif, TM! was originally dropped anon. Art101 retracted and gave collectors the provenance their NFT deserved. Tulip Mania! is a 10-day open edition. Generated, animated, and stored entirely on-chain.

The Treachery of Frogs


Art101's first Open Edition, The Treachery of Frogs is a meme-able parody on René Magritte's surrealist painting, The Treachery of Images. The Treachery of Frogs was an impromptu drop with a 24HR mint. Minters of The Treachery of Frogs received a free NFT airdrop from one of Art101's legacy collections.



Art101's first go at pixel art, Enzos is a 5,555 PFP NFT homage to Lorenzo de Medici released at the absolute bottom of the 2023 NFT bear market. Minted out in minutes, it served as a for-fun free NFT celebrating the digital Renaissance that was NFTs, which at the time had seemingly come to its end.

The Team:

Founded by Monero maxis turned NFT enthusiasts, the creators of Wownero and crypto-natives traded IRC for discord in the spring of 2021, the beginning of Art101's NFT excursion.


Early-adopter, /r/cryptocurrency mod, and art patron. The CEO of Wownero.

The Thanks:

Art101 wouldn't exist without the support of our collectors and collaborators, a few of which were an essential part of the journey.

Pluton: Art101 contributor, creator of discord bots, and WrkzCoin progenitor.

Kiwi: Solidity wiz, UWU/KGF founder, and anime lover.

Raffy: Collaborator, ENS contributor, and degen.